Friday, August 29, 2014


So, I'm gearing up to head to a great conference this next week with my buddy, Sean Brainard! We'll be at the Experience Conference in Orlando with hundreds of other Worship Leaders, Pastors, artists, hipsters and creative folk (best game of the week is Sean and I playing "Spot-The-Worship-Guy")... If it's anything like last year, it will be a blast!

I mean, the music is stellar, the speakers are top-notch, but the real win is being able to unplug and get perspective on what this whole ministry-thing is all about, why we do what we do, and how other people are tackling the same stuff we sometimes get so head down into. We get to talk about life, how we juggle the load, what is happening in the big picture... and brainstorm about what is up ahead. For people that are swimming in a never-ending week-to-week... that is priceless!

There is an incredible buzz around New Life and this sense that the big things we've seen over the last couple years are nothing compared to what's ahead - and so, it's great to be able to gear up, see if we can gain some insights from others and prepare to dive in to the next wave.

You'll probably see about a million or so selfie's as we travel, so pace yourself...

Say a prayer for Sean and I as we travel and we look forward to getting back and racing again!

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