Friday, November 13, 2015

The Importance of a Tribe

More and more, I've found myself understanding how crucial it is to be moving through life with a strong community of people. If you have a circle that contains people you are constantly trying to please or straining to gain the respect of, you'll drain energy away from the journey. If you have people that never challenge you, you won't be strong enough for the road you face. The vital part of the tribe is knowing that there is a group of people that you believe in and that believes in you! Those that sit back with their arms crossed, don't engage and critique your each step are not part of your tribe... 

they are still searching for theirs...

They are not the enemy. 

They are not evil. 

They are just out of sync and need a tribe that they can journey with fully.

Pick those you journey with carefully - 

Surround yourself with those you trust that encourage you, not criticize you; 
that challenge you and not simply tolerate you; 
that are not afraid to question you but never doubt you... 

and be the same for them. 


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